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Problem with making a plan public


We just fixed the problem with making an individal product plan public (visible). ?

Mailchimp integration is here!

New Announcement

ProductLog <> Mailchimp integration brings you the ability to collect email addresses right from your updates page. With an easy set up through the product's settings page, you will be able to collect subscribers to your list in no time.

Our integration enforces double opt-in. ProductLog is not keeping any data about your subscribers, but shipping them directly to Mailchimp through their API. You will be able to manage your lists easily through Mailchimp web panel.

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. More info on Mailchimp website.

View stats on your dashboard ?


We are quite excited to present you our new feature!

Now it is possible to see view stats of your product updates directly on your ProductLog dashboard. In this widget, we are showing growth in views compared to the previous period.

It's a perfect way to gauge your posts performance! ?

Atom feed for updates


A few weeks ago we made the plan to work on the feed feature for a product updates.

Feeds are now officially available! ?

In meantime, we decided to go with a more robust Atom, web syndication format. Your product updates feed is available at {your-subdomain}

Here is our feed Keep in mind that XML is boring and not pretty to look at raw. ?

If you are looking for a decent feed reader, check out Feedly.

Activity Heatmap ?


With activity heat-map your customers can feel the pulse of your product. On the top of the updates page now you can find 3 months calendar that shows color based activity map.

How many new features and bug fixes did you release this month?

Plans are here!

New Announcement

We are very excited to announce that plans feature is now awailable.

With plans you will be able to inform your customers about what is coming next.

Plans have different statuses: proposed, in progress, done, and abandoned. When plan is marked with done you will be able to associate update or announcement with it.

Our first plan is here!

Global search


We are very exited to present you our new global search functionality!

Now you can easily search across the products and posts straight from the search bar in the header! Enjoy!

Uploading logos is now available!

New Improvement

We are happy to let you know that now it is possible to add logo or image that represents your products on the updates page.

When you upload the image, very conviniet image cropping interface will give you opportunity to adjust size and focus of the image to look just as you expect.

In addition to that, we will generate favicon based on your logo and embed it into your updates page.

Hello World!


Hi there! We just launched! ?

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